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The Foyer

At the entrance of the mansion is a stately foyer with its 14 ft ceilings, hardwood floors, majestic mirror and grand staircase. The foyer is a popular location for bridal party portraits.


  The Magnolia Room

A spacious double parlor, the Magnolia Room can be entered through two 12 ft. cypress doors. The Ralph Lauren candlelight finish on the walls of the Magnolia Room reflects the light from the two crystal chandeliers and two crystal wall sconces. Margaret Gardens’ Courtyard can also be accessed through the two floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Courtyard.

The Magnolia Room is excellent for an indoor reception or celebration, with space for dining or dancing.


  The Dragon Room

The Dragon Room is named for the intricate hand-carved dragon fireplace.

 This room has a panoramic view of the Courtyard, and works wel
l as a central location for food stations


The Courtyard

The outdoor Courtyard is abundant with greenery and flowers, and houses a  romantic French gazebo that is elegantly adorned with lights. Our 3,000 sq ft Courtyard alone can house 200 people.

The Courtyard is a popular location for both wedding ceremonies and receptions, with ample space for dining and celebration.

The Courtyard Retreat  

Connected to the Courtyard is the indoor Courtyard Retreat. With exposed brick walls, two  fireplaces and three doors opening onto the courtyard, it provides a cozy yet sophisticated atmosphere.

 The Courtyard Retreat is commonly used as the location for the cocktail bar, the dessert bar, or the food station.